About the Ranch

Epic Alpacas started in 2012 with two male alpacas and turned into a full-blown breeding operation, now producing some of the top alpacas in the country. The focus of breeding production centers around grey and appaloosa alpacas with superior fleece, conformation, and personality.

Nestled on ~45 acres in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, just outside Yosemite National Park, the ranch boasts a beautiful array of rolling grass hills, live oaks, pines, and a large pond. With an assortment of animals, including the alpacas, horses, donkeys & zonkey, and an assortment of guinea and peafowl, the ranch has something for everyone to check out!

The owners have offered private tours of the operation since 2014 and opened the ranch to the public in 2018 with the launch of the Alpaca Ranch House, a free-standing home offered as a Vacation Rental. In late 2018, they continued opening this amazing “Alpaca Experience” up to the greater public by offering tours of the ranch and some up-close-and-personal time with the alpacas!

About the Owners

Steve & Casey Aitchison started Epic Alpacas in 2012 with just two alpacas and have grown their herd into the largest in California.

Coming from diverse backgrounds with a common passion for animals, they have worked diligently to create something special for their family, friends, and now for the public to enjoy.